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How do I clean the inside of the reservoir?​



This outlines the steps required to replace the Hydraulic OIL

In the Hydraulic Power Unit Reservoir


Use the following procedure. Refer to the Baler Manual for oil specifications

  1. Obtain a suitable container, tote or oil recycling service to remove USED hydraulic oil. Tank capacity in gallons formula LXWXH (To high mark in sight glass) divided by 231
  2. Review the MSDS Documents specific to the type Hydraulic Oil used.
    Use appropriate PPE while handling oil and while cleaning the interior of the reservoir
  3. LOCK OUT the Equipment using proper Lock Out and Tag Out Procedures per Corporate Policies.
  4. Insure that the tank drain ball valve (Item 13) is turned off, turned 90 degrees to valve body. Remove the ¾ inch pipe plug from the tank drain ball valve.
  5. Attach pump unit suction line to tank drain ball valve. Open ball valve.
    Pump hydraulic oil out of reservoir.
  6. Loosen center bolt on Inspection Covers (Item 15) approximately ¾ inch.
  7. Remove inspection covers with Inspection Cover Cross still attached (Item 14) by pulling outward and sliding down.
  8. Use rubber squeegee to pull remaining oil or sludge to clean out port. Remove with pump and clean lint free rags.
    Dispose waste oil and soiled rags per corporate policies.
  9. Unscrew Tank magnet Item 10 from the tank lid. Clean any partials off magnet with a clean lint free rag. Then reinstall.
  10. Inspect reservoir interior for any tools or rags used during the cleaning process.
  11. Remove center bolt from inspection cover and cross, Replace 5/8 “ nylon washer. Wipe down Cover and Gasket with a clean lint free rag.
  12. Install bolt, nylon washer thru cover and attach to cover cross
  13. Insert cross and inspection cover into reservoir and center cross in opening.
  14. Holding outward pressure on assembly, tighten center bolt until cover is securely in place
  15. Replace filter element in Telltale Filter Assembly (Item17) Instructions provided in Baler Manual.
  16. Clean or replace breather element in Item 11
  17. Insure that the tank drain ball valve (Item13) is turned off, turned 90 degrees to valve body. Remove Drain line. Install the ¾ inch pipe plug removed in Step 4
  18. Use Pump Unit with 10 micron filter.
  19. Fill Reservoir, Monitor oil level in Sight glass , fill to high mark at top off glass about 1 inch from top of glass.
    Note: there is a thermometer in the sight glass. This is not the oil level. You will see oil rising into the glass.
  20. Remove Lock Out and Tag Out, per Corporate policies.
  21. Inspect for any leaks, Repair as required.
  22. Before placing Baler back into service.
  23. Place Operator controls into Manual operation. Jog the Ram to the full forward position. Then Jog the Ram in Reverse to the home position. Run with the motor on for 45 minutes on units with external filter on top of tank.. This will filter the oil from the hydraulic cylinder.
  24. Return baler to service.
  25. It is recommended to take an oil sample from the gage quick disconnect port on Item 11 manifold. Using IBC oil Sample fitting assy and OIL Analysis Test kit. Using the results of the analysis for future comparison.
    Procedure Complete