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Tip 1: Operator Training

A properly trained operator will maximize performance and minimize downtime.

  • Train all operators using the baler. (Call International Baler for training on-site!)
  • A baler can be a dangerous machine if employees do not follow standard safety procedures. Training is essential, and should be taken seriously!
  • To make the most of training time:
    • Train a seasoned, longtime employee to avoid trainee turnover.
    • Train personnel already working on the floor who are familiar with the material and may better understand different grades being baled.
    • Train initially on risk management and lock-out/tag-out procedures for the Baler.
    • Train until the operator exhibits complete understanding of safe operating procedures for the machine (International Baler can assist).
    • Trainee should be shadowed by a senior operator (if present) for a period of time
    • New operators should proceed with guidance and supervision for a predetermined time.
    • After training is completed so that understanding of the operation and safety requirements can be observed.
    • Perform regular audits of operator proficiency and adherence to safety protocols.