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Our Team


Don Pitts is the Service and Quality Control Manager at International Baler, a career that spans forty-seven years in the Recycling Industry.

A Vietnam Era Veteran, Don started his career in Naval Aviation as a hydraulic and electrical controls technician. This background brought him into the recycling industry at International Baler where he helped develop production and quality systems to improve overall equipment quality. Over his career, Don has honed his systems knowledge and troubleshooting skills from basic control systems to today’s complex PLC and manifold systems.
Knowledge, however, is only half of the job. Don recognizes the value of customer service and the reliability of his expert staff. Don’s dedication to excellent customer service has earned him a respected reputation as the “go-to guy” when a baling system is down.

“Our customers have provided IBC with the opportunity to grow as a Company,” Don says, “and we appreciate the lifelong acquaintances we have made, and the trust we have nurtured along the way.”


Nancy Gathings is the Service Coordinator at International Baler, a title that doesn’t quite do her justice. Nancy has been with International Baler for over seven years and keeps the service department in ship shape, managing service work, technician scheduling, travel arrangements, manuals, customer files, warranty issues, maintenance schedules, service calls, requests for manuals, drawings, and schematics, and the list goes on.

Service Technicians

Many of International Baler’s techs started out in the production shop, so they know the balers inside and out, having built a few in their time. Our Service Technicians can troubleshoot over the phone or in person, and travel the world to repair and maintain your equipment. Perhaps more importantly, they are great listeners, bringing back the concerns and experiences of our customers to our Engineering team, allowing International Baler to react with new designs and problem-solving options unique to each baling process.

Service Partners

For fast local service, International Baler has a network of service companies across the continent and overseas.