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Tip 3: Preventative Maintenance

In addition to safety and avoiding serious break downs, routine preventative maintenance will help to increase the life expectancy of your machine along with ensuring consistent production of bales at the expected weight and density.

  • Check oil and hydraulic fluid for leaks every 1,000-1,200 hrs. and make sure safety stickers are in proper place (refer to manual).
  • Check shear blade clearance-any issues with blade can cause damage to the frame of the baler (for more information, see “Checking the Shear Gap”).
  • Ensure that guards and safety switches are in their proper place to avoid automatic safety shutdowns that will interrupt production.
  • Check operating temps. International Baler Equipment is designed to shut down when operating temp is too high to prevent further damage to machine.
  • Plan on preventative maintenance! Don’t wait for your baler to break down!