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Tip 6: Stocking Parts

International Baler maintains a huge inventory of in-stock parts, but may not always have what you need immediately. We recommend that you keep your own inventory of critical spare parts and wear parts to avoid costly downtime in the event of component failure or for scheduled maintenance.

Ask your International Baler Representative what critical spare parts you should have on-hand.

  • Cylinders are typically the longest lead time items; without one in stock, you could wait weeks to months to have one manufactured or repaired.
  • Stocking common wear parts make regular maintenance efficient and timely.
  • Don’t forget inventory parts for the wire tier (if included with your baler).

Regularly inspect baler wear parts including liners and auto tiers every 1,000-1,500 hours of service; repair or replace as needed.

  • Liners should last from 5,000-7,000 hours with regular shear blade inspections/adjustments (hours vary by material being baled).
  • Contact an International Baler representative to assist in maintenance of wear parts if there is no trained maintenance department on-site.
  • Liners inside the machine and main cylinders and eject cylinders (on two-rams) must be replaced by an authorized service company, or by International Baler Directly.